Class Notes and Extra (Important) Stuff

II Sem


Kunjo’s Notes on Fluctuations and BTE

Kunju’s Notes

Quantum Hall Effect (Reference Papers)

Klaus von Klitzing is the discoverer of QHE (Nobel Prize 1985). These notes are self-contained, but still supplementing the text; DO NOT ignore the text, even if it is confusing like hell 😛

Discovery of Hall effect

Best Resource for QHE (Lecture Notes)

Detailed notes

25 Years of Quantum Hall Effect (Personal Views of Klitzing)

Klitzing’s Nobel Lecture on QHE

klitzing – Physics and Applications

klitzing – Application to measure the fine structure constant

klitzing – Original Discovery Paper in PRL 1980


I Sem


Takwale – Motion under a Central Force 1

Takwale – Motion Under a Central Force 2

Virial Theorem 1

Virial Theorem 2

Adiabatic and Sudden Approximation (TIPT)

Syed Azeez Sir’s Quantum Notes. A few pages may be blurry, but they are still fairly legible.

Hydrogen Atom

Uncertainty Principle and Illustrative Examples

More Illustrative Examples

This is some extra stuff for the interested folk.

Time IPT

Time DPT

Bessel Applications paper


Motion of Rigid Bodies


Constant Deviation Prism 1


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